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How do we use your membership fee?

The Key operates on a membership basis as this enables us to provide you with the best service and accurate, unbiased information and resources. Here's how we use the membership fee:

  • To quickly produce the answers you need, when you need them. We employ a skilled in-house team of full-time researchers who write practical, informative articles and resources in direct response to members' questions
  • To guarantee high-quality, accurate information. We have invested in a dedicated quality assurance team and process to ensure that everything we publish is clear, accurate and practical
  • To gather impartial, unbiased information. As an independent company without political ties or commercial sponsorship, we publish unbiased information that is in our members' best interests
  • To ensure a clean, junk-free experience. We'll never sell third-party products or share members' details with any other company, and we do not make money through advertising
  • To provide excellent customer service. Our highly-trained member service team takes pride in giving friendly and professional support over the phone and by email, and in getting answers to members promptly
  • To run, monitor and constantly develop our technology. We invest in state-of-the-art technology to enhance our websites and improve member experience online