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  • Academy conversion checklists Is there a list of tasks to carry out during academy conversion? We link to conversion checklists from the DfE, the National College, a union and a diocese, and provide a KeyDoc checklist for school business managers (SBMs). One of our experts explains how conversion differs for sponsored academies.
  • Academy conversion: FAQs This article addresses a number of frequently asked questions about academy conversion, including which schools can convert and whether schools can change their mind about converting. It also answers questions on multi-academy trusts and what happens if a school has a budget deficit or surplus.
  • Academy conversion process Read our summary of the academy conversion process, including information on preparing to convert, submitting the application form, and setting up an academy trust. Read a case study of one school's conversion journey.
  • Academy joining an existing MAT: guidance Is there guidance for an academy joining an existing multi-academy trust (MAT)? We link to another of our articles and guidance from a law firm setting out the main steps. We also relay advice from one of our associate experts and include a KeyDoc with a checklist for school business managers.
  • Converting to an academy Information, FAQs, action plans and checklists to help you through the conversion process
  • Due diligence: schools joining an existing MAT Do you have a list of questions for a school joining a MAT? This article includes a KeyDoc for schools to use to carry out due diligence on a multi-academy trust (MAT) they might join. We also look at other issues to consider when joining a MAT.
  • Forming a multi-academy trust (MAT) How can schools form a multi-academy trust (MAT)? This article looks at forming a MAT as a standalone academy and at converting to academy status as a group of schools. It also contains advice from one of our experts on issues for schools to consider before creating a MAT.
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls of academy conversion Learn from our experts' experiences of supporting schools through conversion to steer clear of some of the frequent problems schools face.
  • Joining an existing multi-academy trust (MAT) How can a school join a multi-academy trust (MAT)? This article sets out how a maintained school can convert to join an existing MAT, and how a single academy can join a MAT. We also look at who determines the funding arrangements, and link to an article on carrying out due diligence.
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  • Academies: an overview What are academies? We summarise the differences between academies and maintained schools, and link to information on academy funding. We also give a brief overview of research into the impact of academisation, and link to articles on the pros and cons of academy status and how to become an academy.
  • Multi-academy trust governance We summarise multi-academy trust governance in just one page. You can also download a copy of this QuickRead as a ready-made resource to share with colleagues.
  • Pros and cons of academy status: multi-academy trusts (MATs) What are the pros and cons of multi-academy trusts (MATs)? This article sets out perceived advantages and disadvantages of MATs. It also refers to research on the growth of academy chains, and looks at what schools have said about joining or forming MATs.
  • Stepping up from headteacher to MAT chief executive: 3 CEOs explain Three MAT CEOs who have made the transition from headteacher tell us how their jobs have changed, and give their unique advice and insight to those thinking of doing the same.
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