Due diligence: joining an existing MAT

You may have to think about moving your school into a trust soon. Download our list of questions to help you decide if a multi-academy trust (MAT) is the best fit for your school.

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  1. Start thinking about joining a trust
  2. Download our list of questions
  3. How to carry out due diligence

Start thinking about joining a trust

The DfE plans to begin moving schools into academy trusts from September 2022. This is part of the target to move all schools into academy trusts by 2030, as set out in the 2022 schools white paper. If your school...

...the DfE recommends you "engage early" with your regional teams to discuss which trust might be a good fit for your school.

Look out for a prospectus setting out the academisation priorities for your local area, set to be published in autumn 2022. 

All maintained schools should start thinking about which multi-academy trust (MAT) in their area could best support their school.

See the DfE's policy paper on implementing school system reform in 2022 to 2023, for more information.

For trust leaders

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