Increasing the published admission number (PAN)

Find out who's responsible for increasing your published admission number (PAN), and how to prepare if an increase is coming.

Last reviewed on 7 July 2023
School types: Maintained, AcademySchool phases: AllRef: 6739
  1. Who can increase the PAN
  2. How to decide whether to increase the PAN
  3. What to do if you want to increase your PAN
  4. What to do if your LA proposes to increase the PAN

This article is based on the DfE's statutory guidance School Admissions Code 2021.  

Who can increase the PAN

If your LA is the admission authority, they're responsible for setting the PAN. This applies to:

  • Maintained schools
  • Voluntary controlled schools 

If you want to increase your PAN, you can ask your LA.

If you are your own admission authority, you can set your own PAN. This applies to:

  • Academies
  • Foundation schools
  • Voluntary aided schools

See the table on page 6 of the School Admissions Code.

How to decide whether to increase the PAN

Consider the impact of increasing your PAN on your school buildings and staff by asking yourself these questions:

Is there enough physical space?

It's not just about an extra classroom and lesson resources – you also need to make sure your school has adequate:

Do you have capacity in