Removing a pupil from the school roll

If you have to delete a pupil from your school's admission register, you want to be clear on the legalities. Understand the conditions under which you can remove a pupil and use our template to pass on the required information to your LA before you do.

Last reviewed on 3 November 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. When can we remove a pupil from the roll?
  2. Pupils of compulsory school age
  3. Pupils of non-compulsory school age
  4. Following up absence: there's no definition for 'reasonable enquiries'
  5. Record certain details before you remove the pupil

Pupils of compulsory school age Who do these requirements apply to?  All pupils of compulsory school age (between the ages of 5 to 16, as defined in this legislation) in mainstream schools.  You can legally delete the name of a pupil of compulsory school age from your admission register in the following situations. For each situation, you must be satisfied that the relevant criteria have been met.  Situation Criteria The pupil has stopped attending your school You've received written notification from the parent that the pupil is receiving education elsewhere than at school (like at home), or The pupil is registered at more than 1 school and the proprietor of any other school at which they're registered consents to the removal from your roll, or The pupil no longer usually lives at a place which is within a reasonable distance from your school (unless the pupil boards) The pupil has stopped being a pupil