Whole-school audit: gender and LGBTQ+ inclusivity

Use our audit to take your first steps towards embedding a school culture that celebrates different genders and sexualities, and creates an environment where all pupils feel safe and valued.

Last reviewed on 21 June 2023
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  1. Download our audit tool 
  2. Notes on terminology and scope 

Download our audit tool 

If you’re committed to making your school more inclusive in the long term, this audit tool will be a good starting point – the questions and prompts will help you identify which areas you need to improve, and what steps you can take to do it. It will help you assess: 

  • The language you use 
  • Enforcement of gender stereotypes 
  • Staff awareness and understanding 
  • How you represent the experiences of gender and LGBTQ+ issues
  • Policies and procedures
  • Recruitment practices 
KeyDoc: Gender and LGBTQ+ inclusivity audit DOC, 244.0 KB

Note, this audit focuses on your whole-school practices. For help with embedding gender and LGBTQ+ inclusivity into your curriculum, take a look at our separate curriculum audit.

Please note, any mention of training programmes or other commercial products in our audit or this article is not an endorsement by The Key.

This audit focuses on gender and LGBTQ+ issues – the reason we’re covering 2 protected characteristics at the