How to write a successful grant application

Know the ins and outs of writing a successful funding application and find out about the latest opportunities.

Last reviewed on 8 December 2022
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  1. Before you start 
  2. Filling in the form
  3. Know where to look for funding

Writing a good grant application can take a long time, so make sure you've set aside enough time to gather all the information you need.

Before you start 

Know your audience:

  • Find out all you can about the charity or organisation you're applying to, so you can tailor your responses to the audience you're writing for
  • Check the funding criteria – if you don't meet it, you won't be considered
  • If you can, get in touch with previously successful bidders to find out why they were successful. Some funders publish lists of previous winners on their websites

Plan your project carefully

Before you start filling in an application form, find out:

  • How much money you'll need 
  • How you'll be spending the grant
  • How long the project will take

You also need to know who'll be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the project.

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