Risk protection arrangement (RPA)

The RPA is open to maintained schools and academies. It's an alternative to commercial insurance and managed by the DfE. Learn what it covers, how much it costs and how to join.

Last reviewed on 4 August 2023
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School types: Maintained, Special, Academy · School phases: All
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  1. The RPA is an alternative to commercial insurance
  2. Which risks does it cover?
  3. The cost is set for the year
  4. How to join
  5. How to make a claim
  6. If you want to compare the RPA with other options 

The RPA is an alternative to commercial insurance

Academy trusts and maintained schools can choose to opt in. If you’re converting to an academy, the DfE signs you up for the risk protection arrangement (RPA) automatically, but you can opt out if you want to. 

It's been open to maintained schools since April 2020

Previously, the RPA was only available to academy trusts.

If you're a maintained school considering making a switch to the RPA:

  • Check your LA's scheme for financing schools, to see if funds for insurance have been delegated to you and if any rules are attached to how you spend these
  • Keep in mind that the RPA may not cover everything you need to cover in your school. Speak to your LA directly about this to see if additional cover would be needed

This advice came from our associate expert Graeme Hornsby.

The RPA covers the