How to review contracts coming up for renewal

Read advice on managing and renewing your school's contracts, including setting up a contracts register. See tips on streamlining and scrutinising services to get the best value.

Last reviewed on 25 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Use a contracts register and review everything annually
  2. Treat all contracts as if they’re brand new
  3. Don’t be a satisfied customer
  4. Things to watch out for

Use a contracts register and review everything annually

Reaching the end of the procurement process will be a relief - but you need to plan ahead and consider the review and renewal process as part of your overall approach to procurement. Having a standard process for reviewing your school’s contracts helps protect against:

  • Missed renewal deadlines (for example, caused by staff turnover and broken lines of communication)
  • Duplicated spending caused by lack of communication between departments 
  • Additional charges that could have been avoided with a timely review, or automatically renewing a contract on the same terms without a chance to review 

Having renewal dates recorded in 1 place makes it easier to monitor all your contracts, so you know when to review them.