Procurement framework agreements and G-Cloud

Get to grips with the benefits of using a framework agreement when buying goods and services for your school, including the government's G-cloud service.

Last reviewed on 30 November 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. What's a procurement framework?
  2. Why use one?
  3. G-Cloud and the Digital Marketplace
  4. Benefits of G-Cloud
  5. Using a framework will change your procurement process


This article is about using framework agreements, including the government's new G-Cloud service. If you're looking for information on choosing a Management Information System (MIS), read this article.

What's a procurement framework?

A framework agreement means that a body - such as the government or a local authority (LA) - has already selected suppliers and agreed the procurement terms and conditions with them. This includes prices, which can be set for up to 3 years in advance. These agreements are then offered to public organisations - in this case, your school. 

Crown Commercial Service (CSS) - the biggest public procurement organisation in the UK - lists over 100 agreements on their website, covering areas such as buildings, people and