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  • 2020 in education: predictions for the year ahead We look into our crystal ball to see what awaits us in 2020. Get ahead on the main developments likely to hit the sector this year.
  • Brexit: what it means for your school Deal or no deal, here's what you need to know if you've got staff or pupils from the EU. Find out about practical steps you can take to avoid disruptions to food and medical supplies and read advice about the GDPR and travelling to the EU after Brexit.
  • Changes in education in 2020/21 UpdatedGet ahead of the curve and read our comprehensive round-up of changes in education that affect you this year.
  • Compliance mythbuster We bust some of the myths around compliance in schools. Use this 2-minute read to put your mind at rest and stop ticking boxes that don't need to be ticked. You'll also find a link to The Key's Compliance Tracker, which helps you track your statutory obligations and monitor compliance.