Teachers' performance and pay: reports to the governing board

Know how to present anonymous staff appraisal reports and pay recommendations to your governing board, and download our templates to help you prepare this information.

Last reviewed on 26 October 2022
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  1. What to expect from the governing board 
  2. What to include in reports
  3. Make sure pay and appraisal reports are anonymous
  4. Download our appraisal templates
  5. Be ready to provide more evidence to governors

What to expect from the governing board 

The role your governing board plays in teacher appraisal and salary decisions will depend on whether you're a maintained school or an academy.

If you're an academy, check your trust's appraisal and pay policies to understand what your governors are expected to do. Many trusts follow the same procedures as maintained schools, as set out below.

If you're in a maintained school, your governors are responsible for:

  • Reviewing and approving your school’s appraisal policy
  • Making sure your appraisal policy is applied fairly and consistently
  • Making sure your school's approach to appraisal doesn't have an impact on workload
  • Reviewing and approving your school's teacher pay policy
  • Considering and approving recommendations about performance-related pay progression
  • Monitoring the outcomes of pay decisions
  • Monitoring the impact of pay decisions on the school budget

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