Last reviewed on 30 September 2020
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 11912

Know how to present anonymous staff pay and appraisal reports to your governing board, and download our templates to help you prepare this information.

Presenting pay recommendations in light of coronavirus

Conversations with your governors about pay recommendations may be a little different this year. That's because you're reporting on performance and making your pay recommendations following a period of school closure.

You can still expect your governors to scrutinise your judgements by asking you about:

  • How pay recommendations are linked to performance
  • What evidence you're using to make your decisions (and how robust this evidence is)
  • What support you're providing for those staff who you aren't recommending for progression, or who didn't meet their objectives
  • How you know you're being fair and consistent in your pay and progression decisions

However, you'll likely be asked to provide more detail than normal. This is so that governors can feel confident about the school's approach to pay and performance management in light of:

  • A shorter appraisal period
  • Less evidence to support judgements
  • The impact of coronavirus on individual circumstances

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