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  • Dealing with abusive or aggressive visitors in school Find out what you can do to deal with an abusive or aggressive visitor. You'll also learn how to manage challenging interactions with parents who have mental health issues.
  • Fire safety in schools: guidance What guidance is there on fire safety in schools? We point to guidance on fire safety in school buildings from the Education Funding Agency. We also answer a series of frequently asked questions about fire safety in schools.
  • Health and safety audit Use our template to help you conduct a health and safety audit. You can also see examples of audit and inspection checklists from schools and local authorities.
  • Health and safety checklist: school office Download and use our checklist to assess the health and safety arrangements in your school offices, and record any actions you need to take.
  • Health and safety checklists for classrooms Use these health and safety checklists for classrooms to save you time and make sure staff and pupils are working in a safe environment. Download our KeyDoc checklist for specialist classrooms to use alongside a checklist from the Health and Safety Executive for generic classrooms.
  • Health and safety: regular duties for schools Find out which health and safety checks you should perform daily, weekly, termly and yearly. We also signpost to examples from other schools on their health and safety checks.
  • Signing visitors in and out Schools often ask visitors to sign in and out. Find out about your school's obligations when parents and other visitors come into your school, and have a look at the approaches some schools take.