Health and safety: regular duties for schools

Find out which health and safety checks you should perform daily, weekly, termly and annually to stay on top of your statutory duties, and see examples of other schools' regular health and safety checks.

Last reviewed on 25 July 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Keep on top of your duties with a maintenance planner
  2. Carry out health and safety checks on a set schedule
  3. See examples of schools' regular duties

Keep on top of your duties with a maintenance planner

The duties listed below are specifically about health and safety, which is just one strand of premises maintenance.

Download your complete school premises maintenance checklist to stay on top of premises maintenance - it includes all of your statutory health and safety duties, plus other key premises tasks. It's split into daily, weekly, termly and annual checks (it also contains monthly and 6-monthly checks, and some to carry out every 2, 3 and 5 years).

Daily checks Make sure: Rooms, corridors, toilets and kitchens are generally clean and tidy Firefighting equipment is in place and undamaged Fire exits are clear from obstructions Fire alarms or smoke detectors that run on batteries are operational All signage is still clear and visible Under-stair storage is free from flammable materials Access to the school for emergency vehicles is clear and unobstructed All drains are covered Temperatures of fridges and freezers are within the safety