Business continuity plans

Have a look at examples of business continuity plans, including local authority templates and plans from primary, secondary and special schools.

Last reviewed on 23 November 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 1992
  1. Templates
  2. Examples from schools 
  3. Academy trusts must plan for this when managing risk



The DfE's guidance on emergency planning includes a link under 'School emergency plan template and guidance' to a set of resources which has a template emergency plan. The template covers business continuity and contingency. 


Download a template 'business continuity plan' from the good practice library of the Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL) and the ESFA. You'll find it under the 'Finance' section.

If you're a multi-academy trust (MAT) leader you'll find a 'MAT business continuity template' from the 'Leading support services' section.

Norfolk County Council

Norfolk County Council provides a template for its schools to adapt when creating their own business continuity plan.

The suggested introduction, on page 7 of the document, says that the plan helps the school to be prepared for, and recover from, unexpected disruptions such as an inability to carry out daily and/or critical activities and loss of ICT. 

A table for listing the school's critical