Pre-16 funding

  • EYFS: funding entitlements
    Get to grips with the funding you'll receive for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), including the new entitlements for children aged between 9 months and 2 years. Understand the difference between universal and additional entitlements when it comes to the early years national funding formula (EYNFF).
  • Free school meals (FSM): funding
    Mainstream schools should use their core budget allocations to provide FSM to pre-16 pupils, and can receive funding for disadvantaged post-16 pupils. Find out how much you'll receive and learn how FSM are funded in special schools.
  • Funding for pupils with SEN
    Understand how provision for pupils with special educational needs (SEN) is funded in your school.
  • How academies are funded
    Find out how your general annual grant (GAG) funding is calculated, and what government funding you're entitled to on top of your GAG.
  • How alternative provision is funded
    Find out how pupil referral units (PRUs), alternative provision (AP) academies and free schools are funded from the 'high needs block'.
  • How maintained schools are funded
    Get to grips with how maintained mainstream schools are funded. Find out about the national funding formula (NFF), as well as the other streams of funding that feed into your school's budget.
  • How special schools are funded
    Learn how special schools receive their funding, including how place funding and top-up funding are allocated.
  • National funding formula: a summary
    Understand which factors are included in the national funding formula (NFF), and what the current transitional state of the NFF means for your school.
  • School census: determining funding allocations
    Data you submit in census returns is used to determine your school's funding. Read on to see which data is collected on each return. Also, learn how to address errors in census returns.
  • Top-up funding for pupils with high needs
    Find out about top-up funding for pupils with high needs, including how you can access it and what you can spend it on.