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  • Pupil premium: monitoring checklist As lead for pupil premium, what should I monitor? Our downloadable checklist covers areas you should monitor, including the action plan, pupil progress and links with the governing board. In this article you'll also find links to information on various aspects of the pupil premium.
  • Pupil premium: should we track it over the academic or financial year? Should schools track the pupil premium over an academic or financial year? We relay information on how to comply with your pupil premium reporting duties. Two of our experts also give advice on tracking the grant over an academic or financial year, and we link to a KeyDoc tracking template.
  • Pupil premium: spending audit If you want to make sure your pupil premium funding is being spent effectively, do some auditing. Find tips on what the audit should include and examples of audits from schools.
  • Pupil premium spending: school trips Are schools using the pupil premium grant to fund school trips? We point to information from schools on how they are using the grant to pay for trips and visits. We also include a video in which one of our associate education experts explains why his school uses the grant in this way.
  • Spending the pupil premium Read guidance on how you must allocate pupil premium funds, including FAQs on what you can and can't spend it on. Download and distribute our intervention request form to help you make sure your funding is spent effectively.
  • The early years pupil premium (EYPP) If you have early years provision, some of your 3 and 4 year old pupils may be eligible for the early years pupil premium (EYPP). Have a look at guidance on eligibility and find out about the amount of funding which is allocated.