Data protection and information management

  • 'Cheat sheet' for data protection officers
    There's lots of new information to absorb now that you've taken on the role of data protection officer (DPO). Download our 'cheat sheet' to help you remember the key UK GDPR principles, deadlines and definitions.
  • Child protection records: transfer guidance
    Find out how to transfer safeguarding files securely, and what information you should include. We also look at communicating with other schools and parents.
  • Data protection impact assessment (DPIA)
    Find out what a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) is, when it must be done, and who should be involved. Download and adapt our DPIA template to save you time.
  • Child protection records: retention
    Read guidance on keeping child protection records, including the information on the pupil file, allegations made against members of staff, and court orders.
  • Retaining first aid, accident and medical records
    Records relating to first aid, accidents and medicines have different retention requirements set by various pieces of legislation and guidance. Manage your records effectively with the guidance below.
  • Staff personnel files: what to include
    Understand what information you should keep in staff personnel records and how long you should keep it for, so you can make sure you're compliant.