Last reviewed on 16 June 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 42812

Changes to exam grades due to coronavirus may lead to higher than normal numbers of subject access requests (SARs). Find out what you need to do if a pupil or parent makes an SAR about their teacher-assessed exam grades.

The advice in this article comes from Claire Pannell, head of legal and DPO at Anthem Schools Trust.

Exam scripts and grades are exempt from normal procedures

If you're not sure about the normal procedures for a subject access request (SAR), or need templates to help you manage requests, read this first.

Pupils (or their parents, if the pupil provides consent where required) can make subject access requests about any personal data you hold about them, including their exam grades. There are some exemptions to this under the GDPR.

The exemption for exam scripts and marks means:

These exemptions help ensure all pupils get their final, moderated results at the same