UK GDPR: using apps and online services with pupils

If you're using educational apps or other online services with pupils, such as assessment platforms or for remote learning, make sure you stay compliant with data protection law. Work through these questions before setting up a new app or service to figure out your responsibilities, then check your next steps.

Last reviewed on 28 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Would you be the data controller?
  2. Would use of the service be necessary for educational purposes?
  3. Steps to follow when setting up a service

Would you be the data controller?

If pupils’ use of the service would require your school to process any personal data, you'd be the data controller.

This would apply if:

  • You need to collect and share personal data with the service provider (e.g. you'd give them the names of the pupils who will be using the service); and/or
  • You receive data back from the provider (e.g. you'd get scores from a test done on the service)

However, if your school wouldn't need to process personal data, you wouldn't be the data controller.

You're not processing data if:

My school is the controller You’re responsible for