Reporting, sharing and publishing requirements

Be clear on what you must report, share and publish to stay compliant, as a maintained school or academy.

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  1. Financial reports and statements
  2. Annual governance statements
  3. Assessment information
  4. Get Information About Schools (GIAS)
  5. DfE sign-in
  6. Performance tables and Analyse School Performance (ASP)
  7. Information for your local authority (LA)
  8. Annual reports to parents

Financial reports and statements

You don't have to produce annual reports.

However, you must complete the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) annually. See our other article on the SFVS requirements.

Your governing board also needs to provide information in the consistent financial reporting (CFR) framework to your local authority (LA). Read more in our article on the CFR.

Annual governance statements

It's good practice for your governing board to publish an annual governance statement to explain how it has fulfilled its responsibilities, according to paragraph 10 in school governance guidance from the DfE.

Assessment information

You must:

  • Submit National Curriculum tests and teacher assessment outcomes to the Standards and Testing Agency (STA) at the end of Key Stage (KS) 2

There are no requirements for you to report to the STA on pupils' progress in KS2 foundation subjects. However, you should include details of pupils' attainment in these subjects in your report