Collecting information

  • Pupil record: contents and cover sheet
    Know what to include in your pupil records, and what should be on the records' cover sheets. Also, be clear on what you should keep separate to the record.
  • School admission register
    All schools need to hold an admission register. Find out what should be in it and read answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Subject leader file: checklist of contents
    Subject leader files can help you feel prepared for 'deep dives' in Ofsted inspections. Download our checklist to create effective files for primary and secondary subjects.
  • Taking medical information on trips
    Taking pupils with medical conditions on trips requires a little extra preparation. Learn what medical information you should take with you and how to store it safely.
  • The common transfer file
    Learn what data you should include in the common transfer file (CTF) and how you can send it. You'll also find out what action you should take if you haven't received a new pupil's CTF data.