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  • Fire risk assessment: guidance and templates You'll likely need to update your fire risk assessment in light of coronavirus. Find out when you need to do this, and see templates of fire risk assessments.
  • Kitchens: risk assessments Are there any examples of risk assessments for school kitchens? We link to an example of a risk assessment from the Health and Safety Executive, as well as a school's risk assessment for kitchen fires. There is also guidance on writing your own kitchen risk assessment.
  • Playgrounds and breaktimes: risk assessments Carry out a playground risk assessment to manage risk and keep your school community safe. See examples from schools and get guidance on assessing hazards.
  • School dining hall: risk assessments Is there a risk assessment for a school dining hall? We look at dining hall risk assessments from a school and a local authority. You will also find guidance on conducting a risk assessment, and links to additional articles from The Key on school lunchtimes.