Classroom risk assessment: template and examples

Download our classroom risk assessment template, and see examples of risk assessments to help you complete your own.

Last reviewed on 12 December 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 2877
  1. Carry out a classroom risk assessment
  2. Provide suitable CPD
  3. Complete a checklist regularly
  4. Use other risk assessments for guidance

Carry out a classroom risk assessment

Download and adapt our template, based on your school's needs and context.

This assessment is intended for standard teaching classrooms conducting standard teaching and learning activities. Have separate assessments when it comes to specialist classrooms , for example:

Provide suitable CPD

Use your risk assessment to identify any gaps in your staff's health and safety knowledge that might increase risks in classrooms. Make sure to provide suitable training to address these issues. 

You can use our 30-minute staff briefings to deliver this training yourself:

Complete a checklist regularly

You can adapt the checklist with the