Pupils: risk assessments

  • Prevent risk assessment
    As part of the Prevent duty, you need to assess the risk of pupils being drawn into terrorism. Use the DfE's template and our advice to help you do this.
  • Pupils using mobility aids: template risk assessments
    Use and adapt our risk assessment templates to address potential hazards for pupils in wheelchairs or who use crutches. Be clear on the hazards you need to consider and see example risk assessments.
  • Pupils with challenging behaviour: risk assessments and guidance
    Complete a risk assessment as early as possible to get support for the child and keep them, as well as other pupils and staff, safe. Download our template and use our prompts to help complete it.
  • Risk assessments for individual pupils
    Decide whether a pupil needs an individual risk assessment using our questions – it will depend on the specific needs of the pupil, such as if they have SEND or allergies. Discover your next steps, including adapting an existing risk assessment or creating a new one.