Risk management strategies for MATs

Creating a risk management strategy can help you manage potential future challenges in your trust. Read this article to find out how to write your strategy, including sections on financial risk, as well as examples of strategies you can use when making your own document.

Last reviewed on 23 June 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 44137
  1. How to write a risk strategy
  2. Consider financial risk
  3. Examples from MATs

How to write a risk strategy

Who to involve

Managing the risks associated with the MAT are a top level priority and responsibility should sit with the top level directors and trustees.

However, the responsibility for writing the risk strategy itself should probably sit with the chief operating officer or business director (or equivalent, depending on the structure of the MAT).

Despite this, the risks considered should extend right through the structure to senior leaders at each school, so their input may also be useful to gather.

This was explained to us by our associate education expert Phil Preston, whose advice we also relay below.

What to include

The actual identification of risks, and considerations of how to prevent or mitigate their impact, should take place in a separate risk register document.

This may include considerations such