Last reviewed on 17 June 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 3748

Be clear on your requirements around risk assessments for new and expectant mothers in your school, and see example templates from LAs. Know what to consider when taking pregnant staff on school trips.

No requirement for a specific risk assessment

There’s no legal requirement to do a specific, separate risk assessment for new and expectant mothers. 

However, you must assess the health and safety risks that all staff are exposed to at work, and put in place appropriate measures to control any identified risks.

Your general workplace risk assessment must  include risks to females of childbearing age. This includes risks to new and expectant mothers. 

Note: pregnant pupils will face similar risks to pregnant staff. You’ll need to follow similar risk assessment procedures that take into account all activities the pupil engages in while they’re in school (such as sport), and put measures in place to protect their health and safety.

When a staff member provides written confirmation that they are pregnant, have given birth within the past 6 months or are breastfeeding, you should immediately check your existing workplace