Home visits: risk assessment

See examples of risk assessments from a school and a local authority to help you write your own.

Last reviewed on 9 December 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Use union guidance on control measures
  2. See examples of risk assessments

Use union guidance on control measures

Home visits are covered by this NEU guidance on lone working, which includes a checklist of measures you can take to avoid violence. The guidance recommends that, among other things, headteachers and other managers:

  • Brief about the area where the visit takes place
  • Know whether there are aggressive pets
  • Make sure staff carry a mobile phone, and that it's switched on
  • Make sure staff don't give lifts to pupils or other family members

You may consider implementing some of this guidance when putting together your own risk assessment.

See examples of risk assessments

From a school

St Peter’s School in Cambridgeshire has a home visits policy, which includes a risk assessment (see pages 6 to 7).

The risk assessment includes hazards such as:

  • Aggressive or violent parent, pupil or family member
  • Driving
  • Movement through public areas (such as to or from car parks)
  • Illness or injury/accident
  • Attack by dog or other animal

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