Last reviewed on 23 April 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 42500

You must ensure that any part of the premises that is reasonably accessible is inspected for asbestos, and where the assessment shows asbestos is/is liable to be present in any part of the premises you must:

  • Determine what the risk is from that asbestos
  • Ensure a written plan is drawn up identifying those parts of the premises
  • Ensure that control measures are included in the plan. The control measures must cover how the condition of any asbestos (or substance containing asbestos) will be monitored
  • Ensure any asbestos is properly maintained or removed if necessary
  • Ensure that info about the location and condition of any asbestos is provided to anyone liable to disturb it and made available to the emergency services
  • Review the plan if there's reason to believe it's no longer valid or there's been a significant change in the premises it relates to
  • Record the measures taken to implement the plan