Last reviewed on 17 June 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 42510

Manage risks, including contingency and business continuity planning, to ensure its effective operation Maintain a risk register and review it at least annually (in addition to any reviews by individual committees) Implement reasonable risk management audit recommendations made to the trust by risk management auditors and risk managers Have a programme of internal scrutiny to provide independent assurance to the board that its financial and non-financial controls and risk management procedures are operating effectively Establish an audit and risk committee (a dedicated audit and risk committee if your trust's annual income is over £50 million; in other cases it can be combined with another committee) to: Direct the trust's programme of internal scrutiny Ensure that risks are being addressed appropriately through internal scrutiny Report to the board on the adequacy of the trust's internal control framework, including financial and non-financial controls and management of risks If you're a MAT, ensure the audit and risk