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  • Coronavirus addendum to your behaviour policy: model UpdatedDownload and adapt our model addendum to make sure everyone is aware of the expectations for pupil behaviour during Covid-19, both if they're in school or learning remotely.
  • Coronavirus: how to prepare for 'tier 2' local restrictions (secondary) Adapt and share our planning template to help you operate a rota system for secondary pupils as part of your contingency plan for local coronavirus outbreaks. Find out how to group pupils and how the DfE expects you to approach remote learning when 'tier 2' local restrictions are in place.
  • School reopening: contingency planning UpdatedFrom 22 October, you're legally required to provide remote education if pupils need it. Find out what your remote learning contingency plan should cover and how to put it together. Adapt our template to plan how your school will operate in the event of local restrictions.
  • School reopening: how to carry out whole-school monitoring For the end of this academic year and the start of next, you won't be able to follow your normal monitoring and evaluation schedule. Get guidance on what to focus on and how to do your monitoring in your new school set-up.
  • School reopening: how to reestablish routines and expectations As more pupils return to school, you won't be wanting to jump into learning straight away. Get tips on settling your pupils into their 'new normal' school routines so they feel safe, know what your behaviour expectations are and can successfully re-adjust to school life.
  • School reopening: providing high-quality outdoor learning Learning outdoors makes it easier to maintain social distancing – and it supports pupils’ wellbeing too. Find out how to make the best use of whatever outdoor space you have and safely deliver high-quality outdoor lessons. Download our checklist of equipment staff will need as they take the classroom outside.
  • School reopening: rebuilding relationships between pupils and staff As more pupils return to school, get advice to help them rebuild trusting relationships with school staff and each other.
  • School reopening: supporting pupil mental health Before you start teaching your curriculum again, you'll be trying to make sure your pupils are emotionally settled and feel secure at school. Find out how you can identify your pupils’ mental health needs and support them whenever they return to school.
  • School reopening: supporting pupils with SEND to transition back to school Find out how to help pupils with SEND get back into school life and adjust to the ‘new normal’, including tips on adapting instructions and conversations to have. You know your pupils best, so pick the approaches that work best for their needs.
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