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  • Key Stage 2 SATs: using a reader Can we read test questions to pupils? We set out the Standards and Testing Agency's guidelines on when pupils may have readers in Key Stage 2 tests. You will also find advice on evidencing a pupil’s eligibility for a reader, and answers to some frequently asked questions about using readers.
  • Key Stage 2 SATs: which pupils shouldn't take them? Not all pupils have to take part in Key Stage 2 SATs. Find out which pupils shouldn't take the test and your requirements to inform parents of your decision.
  • KS2 SATs toolkit Learn everything you need to know to administer the tests and teacher assessments, keep up with key dates with our printable planner, and download templates to help you report to parents.
  • KS2 teacher assessment: pupils working below the standard of the tests You should use the pre-Key Stage 2 standards to assess pupils working below the standard of the SATs. Learn how to use standards and how pupils assessed using the pre-Key Stage standards are included in performance measures.
  • Standardisation and exemplification materials for writing (primary) Is there a proforma for standardising writing samples? This article features a KeyDoc proforma for standardising writing samples against the English curriculum attainment targets. We also link to examples of exemplification materials from the STA and a local authority.
  • Year 4 multiplication tables check: requirements and guidance Find out what you'll need to do to administer the year 4 multiplication tables check – a statutory requirement for 2021/22. Understand how to log in to the online system and how pupils can access practice tests so you can make sure they're prepared.