Year 4 multiplication tables check: requirements and guidance

You're required to administer the multiplication tables check between 6 and 24 June 2022. Find out what you need to do, including how to log in to the online system and how pupils can access practice tests.

Last reviewed on 12 May 2022
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School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. What do we have to do, and when?
  2. What does the check cover?
  3. Test format
  4. Which pupils take it?
  5. How to log in to the system
  6. Get pupils to do a practice check
  7. How to create PINs for the official check
  8. Access arrangements
  9. How to administer the check
  10. Results and accountability: complete the headteacher's declaration form 

This article summarises the key points from the Standards and Testing Agency's (STA's) guidance on administering the multiplication tables check to year 4 pupils in 2021/22. 

What do we have to do, and when?

Between 6 June and 24 June: Administer the check. The STA strongly encourages you to do it during the first 2 weeks of that window, so between 6 June and 17 June. 

By 5pm on Friday 24 June: Submit your headteacher's declaration form 

From 27 June: Access results (a total score for each pupil) in the 'view pupil results' section of the multiplication tables check service. 

What does the check cover?

The check tests knowledge of times tables up to 12. There'll be an emphasis on the 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 tables because these are considered to be the most difficult.

Multiplication table Minimum number of questions Maximum