How to deliver live lessons to pupils learning from home and in school

Learn from computing lead and teacher, Ben Chaffe, about how his school is approaching live lessons to reduce teaching workload and keep pupils at home engaged. Find out how he incorporates pupils who are learning from home into lessons in school – and get practical tips on how to make this work for your school.

Last reviewed on 20 January 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Why you should try this approach
  2. When this approach can work
  3. What you'll need to do before the lesson
  4. What you'll need to do during the lesson

Why you should try this approach

Reduces teacher workload 

A teacher will be teaching pupils in school and those at home the same thing at the same time. You may only use this approach for 1 lesson each day, but that's still 1 hour where your teaching staff are able to streamline work. 

Promotes pupil engagement

It allows pupils at home to still feel connected to their class and teacher by being able to: 

  • Interact with their teacher during lessons
  • Hear instructions as well as reading them on the set work
  • Ask questions directly to their teacher 

Takes away some of the burden on parents 

Most pupils will be able to use the technology independently from their parents. 

When this approach can work

You have pupils in Key Stage 2 (KS2) or above, including secondary pupils Your school is using a digital education platform like Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams, and is set up to teach live