Whether you're delivering remote learning to self-isolating bubbles or individual pupils, use these resources to help you.

Safeguard pupils during remote learning

Keep your pupils safe when you switch to remote learning.

Get pupils and staff the tech they need

Distribute your tech to those that need it and use our template loan form to keep track of your equipment.

Plus, see how you can get devices for free or at a reduced cost.

Blended learning

Discover how you can make blended learning a little easier to manage without doubling workload for teachers.

Assessment and feedback

Effective assessment and feedback is one of the biggest challenges of remote learning. 

Learn from schools that have used innovative approaches (from virtual whiteboard tools and quizzes, to simulating a walk around the room) to check pupils' understanding and help them to progress.

Peer interaction

Remote learning is more effective when pupils have the chance to collaborate with their peers, according to research from the Education Endowment Foundation. 

See how other schools are providing opportunities for their pupils to work together - a great way to provide pastoral and academic support.

Support parents of pupils with SEND or pupils who have EAL

Pupils who have SEND or EAL may face additional barriers to successful remote learning.

Get advice on how to provide the best support possible to pupils and their families.

Tracking the quality of your provision

Find out how to monitor and tackle low engagement with remote learning, and see strategies you can use to help you monitor remote teaching (such as virtual pupil pursuits and remote lesson observations).