Last reviewed on 2 November 2020
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find out how to help hard-to-reach families support their child during home learning, and make sure your remote lessons and activities are suitable for your most disadvantaged pupils.

Build trusting relationships with hard-to-reach families

Not all parents of disadvantaged pupils will be hard to reach, but those who are will benefit from a closer relationship with your school. To build such relationships, show these families that you understand them and that you're eager to support them, including if their child has to self-isolate and learn from home. If these families trust you, they'll be more likely to ask for your support when they need it.

Ask a dedicated member of staff - or multiple staff, depending on the size of your school - to reach out to your hard-to-reach families (though note that this might not always be feasible if you have lots of staff absence due to coronavirus) If you know of staff members who have especially good connections with families of disadvantaged pupils, ask these staff to contact the families on your school's behalf. This could be anyone in your