Last reviewed on 26 February 2021
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For parents with limited time or language skills, supporting their child’s remote learning can feel overwhelming. Find out how schools are helping them, and read our case study to learn how one school adapted its remote learning offer to suit the needs of its high proportion of families with EAL.

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Use videos to explain key concepts 

Hayley Duffy, head of community at Denton Community College, advises that verbal explanations are much more appealing to parents with limited time or literacy than written ones. 

See how the school has presented its written and verbal remote learning expectations on its website.  

Staff at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School record video explanations of key academic concepts using Loom, which is currently free for teachers.

Parents might struggle with their child’s remote learning because they don’t know how to access it, don’t understand the lesson, or both. At St Francis of Assisi, staff patiently explain any necessary technology over video call while sharing their screen, to make sure parents get the hang