Last reviewed on 8 September 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 41393

Use our SEF to rate your school's remote learning provision - it's based on the DfE's expectations and review framework, evidence-based recommendations from the Education Endowment Foundation and advice from top school leaders. The criteria here will help you identify areas for improvement, plan your next steps and review progress throughout the year.

Download and use our remote learning SEF 

Fill in this template to get a snapshot of where you are now with your remote learning offer. Use the prompts here to:

  • RAG (red, amber, green) rate your school's remote learning offer against 'expected' criteria that reflect:
    • The DfE's expectations and remote education review framework 
    • Good practice recommended by the Education Endowment Foundation and school leaders
  • Identify 'amber' or 'red' areas where you could improve
  • Capture notes on where your specific gaps or weaknesses are
  • Decide on your next steps for each area - we've included suggestions to help you

You can then use your findings to inform discussions with staff, governors, parents and others to help you take the next steps to improve your remote learning provision.

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