How to track the quality of your remote learning: strategies and templates

Get a clear picture of the quality of your remote provision across your school for pupils who need to learn from home. Learn how to carry out virtual pupil pursuits and remote lesson observations with our downloadable templates, to make sure your staff are getting the support they need.

Last reviewed on 8 January 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Best practice principles for monitoring still apply
  2. Here's how tracking the quality of remote learning is different
  3. How to carry out a virtual pupil pursuit
  4. Download our virtual pupil pursuit template
  5. How to carry out a remote lesson observation 
  6. Download our remote lesson observation template

Best practice principles for monitoring still apply

Have a clear focus: decide what specific aspects of remote learning you want to look at, such as feedback, pupil engagement or clarity of explanations Keep staff informed: let them know ahead of time about the tracking you’re doing and what you’ll be looking for (e.g. tell staff at the beginning of term, and remind them on the day); provide them with feedback afterwards (this could be individual feedback, or general feedback to all staff) Reassure staff: explain that your focus is on pupils having the best learning experience possible, and finding out how you can support them better. Be clear that you aren’t looking to add pressure, increase their workload or catch anyone out Share praise and/or put support in place afterwards: tracking remote