Last reviewed on 18 February 2020
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Download and adapt our curriculum map templates to save you the hassle of creating your own. Also, see examples from other schools.

Download our templates 

There’s no right way of setting out your curriculum map – every school is different and how you do it will depend on how you've designed and structured your curriculum. So, we’ve created 3 templates that you can choose from and adapt to suit your school's context. 

If you want to see other ways you can present your curriculum map, see the examples in the section below.

By subject 

Use this template if you want to look at how pupils develop their skills in your subject from the start to the end of school. 

By year group 

Use this template if you want to look at how each year group develops their skills across all subjects. 

Use this template if you're reviewing your whole-school curriculum, or want a top-level view of the topics you