Last reviewed on 25 October 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find out how to make sure your pupil-led work scrutinies are set up for success. Download our example questions to help staff embed pupil voice into the process.

Why conduct a pupil-led work scrutiny?

Getting pupils to lead a work scrutiny can: 

  • Affirm pupil voice 
  • Encourage them to feel part of the learning experience 
  • Motivate and empower them 
  • Show you how much they understand 

Embed it into your whole-school approach

An effective scrutiny should: 

  • Reflect the school culture 
  • Be supported by teachers, and not portrayed as a threat to their practice 
  • Be rigorous enough to justify the time spent on it 

Update your assessment policy and subject monitoring schedule


  • Who will conduct the pupil-led scrutiny 
  • When it’ll take place, for example, in or out of lessons 
  • How your school will triangulate it with other subject monitoring and assessment processes in school  

3 ways you could organise the scrutiny

1. Get older pupils to evaluate younger pupils’ books

2. Get pupils to focus on