Planning scrutiny: template

Download and customise our template to help you scrutinise teachers' general and topic-specific planning.

updated on 6 February 2024
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 1788
  1. Download and customise our template

Download and customise our template

All planning should:

  • Have clear objectives and identify the pupils' next steps for learning 
  • Show carefully planned use of support staff and resources
  • Make sure the needs of different groups of pupils are met (e.g. the most able)
  • Identify assessment opportunities and show what the teacher will do as a result of these

Subject, topic or themed planning should also:

  • Include well thought out and logical sequences of learning
  • Have sufficient challenge for all pupils
  • Build on and link to learning in maths and English
  • Link with the wider curriculum, including pupils' targets