Research on effective teaching

  • How to embed effective retrieval practice in your school
    Retrieval practice is a feature of high-quality teaching and supports pupils to learn. Understand retrieval practice, and learn strategies and tips to use it effectively across your school.
  • How to improve learning by reducing cognitive load
    Understand why pupils get overwhelmed with information, and learn strategies to maximise learning by reducing cognitive load. Download our handout to use in CPD sessions and during lesson observations.
  • Jargon buster: pedagogical terms
    Know your dual coding from your cognitive load theory? Want to encourage evidence-based teaching in your school, but can’t remember your cognitive science? Remind yourself what these key terms in pedagogical theory mean and how to spot them in the classroom.
  • Using your teaching assistants effectively
    Get to grips with where best to place the teaching assistants (TAs) in your school to reduce teachers' workload and maximise pupil outcomes.
  • Writing: effective teaching strategies (primary)
    Improve writing outcomes in your school. Get ideas for high-quality teaching of writing at Key Stage (KS) 1 and 2. Find research-based example strategies, a teaching framework and primary school case studies to help you along your improvement journey.