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  • Effective classroom environments: research What makes a good classroom environment? In this article, we link to research on what makes an effective classroom environment. You will also find information about enabling environments in the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • Effective teaching: research into key features What are the key features of effective teaching? In this article, we refer to a range of research that explores the characteristics of effective teaching. We also link to further information on how Ofsted inspects the quality of teaching in schools.
  • Effective use of teaching assistants: research and strategies How can we deploy teaching assistants (TAs) effectively? We look at research on the impact TAs can have on learning, and outline recommendations on how TAs can be deployed effectively. We also relay advice on how schools can use TAs can be used to support pupils with SEN.
  • Reading strategies used in schools: research What research is there on reading strategies used in schools? In this article, we link to research reports about the effectiveness of some strategies for teaching reading, including reciprocal teaching, guided reading and reading for pleasure. We also link to further research on teaching reading.
  • Writing: what does effective teaching look like? (primary) What does effective teaching in writing look like at the primary level? This article looks at research on effective teaching for writing in Key Stages 1 and 2. You will also find a case study on effective teaching from a school, and information about primary school writing programmes.