Last reviewed on 7 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: Primary
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Learn how to plan and assess computing at the primary level. You will find links to schemes of work, progression grids, assessment resources, and examples from schools.

Use schemes of work to plot the curriculum out over the year

To make sure you cover all National Curriculum computing content, create a scheme of work that plans out topics and skills for each half-term. Your scheme of work should specify what programmes or apps will be used in each activity, and can include links to useful websites.

You should also indicate where there are potential assessment opportunities. 

Case study: Highfields Academy in Cheshire East

This scheme of work outlines the aims and outcomes for each Key Stage (KS) from the National Curriculum. For each year group, it sets out half-termly plans that include learning objectives, suggested activities and resources, and links to relevant websites.

An EYFS example

Download the scheme of work