Last reviewed on 16 February 2022
School types: All · School phases: Primary
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Share our templates with your teachers to help them set out their long- and medium-term English plans. Get to grips with the relationship between the two, and see examples of how other schools have laid theirs out.

Share our templates with your teachers

Get them to download and complete them, to help them set out their medium- and long-term plans. 

The medium-term plan spans a 6-week period, approximately 1 half-term. You can note what pupils will study in each week in relation to:

  • Decoding and comprehension
  • Composition
  • Grammar, vocabulary and punctuation
  • Spelling and handwriting

The long-term plan covers the whole academic year and is split into half-terms.

Our associate education expert Charlotte Raby helped us create these. 

Understand the relationship between long- and medium-term plans 

Show the topics teachers will cover, but not in detail Include headlines from the curriculum and some of the intended outcomes Say when assessments will take place  Have the potential to last for a long time, perhaps years, because the overarching goals in it will remain the same  Be a generic document from which you