Last reviewed on 17 December 2021
School types: All · School phases: Primary
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Follow these steps to help you raise attainment in writing across your school. Know what good practice looks like and use it on a whole-school or teacher level.

Monitor the quality of teachers' lessons 

As a subject leader, you need to have a clear overview of how:

  • Effectively your teachers deliver writing lessons
  • Consistent they are in their approach  

Use lesson observations, learning walks and/or work scrutinies to monitor whether your teachers: 

  • Teach spelling, punctuation and grammar regularly so pupils can develop their knowledge and understanding of the rules of writing
  • Show pupils what they expect the finished product of writing to look like 
  • Give feedback to pupils quickly so they can edit and improve their writing

Take a look at our articles on lesson observations, learning walks and work scrutinies to help you. 

Shared and guided writing

Show your teachers how to use:

See how Charles Darwin Community Primary