Reading: how to select and prepare high-quality teaching resources

Find advice from the DfE's 2021 reading framework, to help you make sure your staff have only the best resources at their fingertips for teaching reading.

Last reviewed on 21 March 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 44368
  1. How to choose which books to read aloud
  2. Set your book corner up for success
  3. Order 'decodable' books according to when pupils will learn to decode them
  4. Choose rhymes and poems that will develop pupils’ language skills

How to choose which books to read aloud

Teachers should promote a love of reading by showing that they love stories.

But, this doesn’t mean that they should only choose the books that they loved as a child. 

Choose books that: 

Note: it's unlikely that just 1 book will meet all of these criteria, but the full selection as a whole should