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  • Developing maths talk Understand the importance of developing maths talk and learn how teachers can build opportunities for maths talk into their teaching. See how one school has developed a maths talk approach.
  • Maths: schemes of work (primary) Are there examples of maths schemes of work? We refer to examples of free and paid-for schemes of work from a range of providers. Read advice from 1 of our associate experts on developing a scheme of work in another of our articles.
  • Maths vocabulary (primary) Is there a list of maths vocabulary for the National Curriculum? We include a KeyDoc, produced with one of our associate education experts, setting out maths vocabulary for years 1 to 6 in line with the National Curriculum. We also look at examples of maths vocabulary lists from primary schools.
  • Medium and long-term maths planning (primary) Are there medium and long-term plans for the primary maths curriculum? We relay advice from one of our associate experts on the purpose of medium and long-term planning, and link to guidance on effective planning. We also link to examples of medium and long-term maths plans from primary schools.
  • Setting targets in maths (primary) How can schools set maths targets for pupils? We link to examples of approaches for settings maths targets, including 'I can' statements and taking key objectives from the maths curriculum. We also link to another article on setting personal targets for pupils.