Primary curriculum maps: examples

Curriculum maps show what your school is teaching and when, and Ofsted might look at them. See examples of whole-school and year group specific maps from a range of primary schools.

Last reviewed on 1 August 2022
School types: All · School phases: Primary
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  1. Why use a curriculum map?
  2. See curriculum maps by year group
  3. Explore whole-school curriculum maps
  4. Get help with curriculum planning

Why use a curriculum map?

Ofsted will review schemes of work or other long-term planning in whatever form you usually use these documents.

This could be in the form of a curriculum map or knowledge organiser, and will usually act as the basis for a conversation between inspectors and curriculum leaders to form a view of how pupils are progressing through the curriculum. 

This is set out in paragraph 213 of Ofsted's inspection handbook for September 2022

Find out more about how Ofsted inspects your curriculum.  

See curriculum maps by year group

Community school in Richmond upon Thames 

Barnes Primary School's full-year curriculum maps for each year group contain information about: 

  • The texts and topics pupils will study each term
  • Key skills developed, or outcomes, for each term 

It has separate yearly curriculum maps for PE and music, which feature all of the year groups. 

Castleview Primary School in Slough has half-termly curriculum maps for each